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[IP] Cross Lists Postings

Please, members, when making a post to different lists, and especially to different organizations, please keep in mind the volunteers that help keep these groups running 
smoothly.  Do NOT cc several lists with one message.

If you address your post to both ChildrenwithDiabetes at the same time as Insulin-Pumpers.org, or even the Main lists the same time as POP, there is a strong possibility 
that someone will Reply a message back to a list they are not a member of.  This will create additional work for these volunteers that really don't have additional time to 
take care of what should be your responsibility.  Make a copy of your post to send to each list individually.  Just taking an additional minute to copy and address your posts 
individually can save the volunteers many minutes of investigating and searching back through records.  Spend that additional minute of your time and save our Volunteers 
hours of theirs.  We thank you!

George      :>)
(just one of those volunteers)
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