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Re: [IP] When do I sleep? (rambling...)


  This is Sylvia, mom to Joshua, now age 10 and pumping X2yrs+.  As far as 
sleep goes, I have only just started allowing myself to sleep through the 
night.  But mind you I stay up until midnight most nights now.  So I check 
him then and if it is OK or a little high I sleep the ni ght through.  If not 
I get up at around 3-4AM and recheck.

As for preferring that he is high when he wakes up and feeling better about 
that.....I TOTALLY understand.  As I have told many others not dealing with 
this disease, it is a difficult thing for me as a mom to have my first 
thoughts in the morning to be...is he alive?  Did he make it through the 
night without crashing?  My mind starts each morning out like that.  Sad but 

   So, hang in there.  Getting those basals set just right is the hardest 
part of getting started.  But working on the night time basals first is 
necessary so you can start to relax and sleep again.  Good luck and keep 
venting...that is SOOOOO important!!

mom to Joshua
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