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[IP] Re: need advice

I have been on the Animas Pump less than 30 days, making great strides with 
control and now seem to have come down with some sort of bronchitis.  One year 
ago I spent 2 weeks in the hospital with atypical viral pneumonia and almost 
died, so I'm a bit paranoid (DX'd as Type 2 for 7 years and then 7 months ago 
drs said oops you're Type 1).  Over the past 2 days I'm having very erratic BG 
readings, both high and low...357 to 43...  No carb intake eplanation for 
them.  Any special tips on what to do when you're sick?  I'm presently on 
approximately 45-40 units per day of Humalog.  I'm feeling out of control, when 
I thought things were just getting good being a new pumper.  Any ideas would 
sure be appreciated!  Reach me direct in Washington, DC at 
email @ redacted  Thanks and I sure appreciate this group!!!
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