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RE: [IP] Set duration??


Sounds like you "knew" what I was asking.......

At 03:45 PM 04/25/2002 , you wrote:
>"Personal feelings"???
>Not sure what you're asking for, but I'm glad *I* don't have to swap that
>often all the time.  Though I should state for the record that I had to
>change three times in a single day once.  The first was routine, the second
>was the result of my banister (caught the tubing), and the third.... I don't
>recall, I think it was the rake falling over (again with the tube).  THAT
>inspired quite a few personal feelings, most of which had me acting quite

And I suspect needing to change the set every 2 days would not be a very 
"positive experience" for you.... lol (though serious)


Jim S.
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