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[IP] Paradigm E21 alarm: what is this and why did I get it

Before reading the below please "DO NOT TRY THIS TRICK AT HOME"

I woke up this morning, feeling VERY tired and pretty lousy.  (My wife tried 
to wake me up over a dozen times over a 45 minute period to me responding 
and falling back to sleep)

I looked at my semi-new paradigm and saw NOTHING on the screen (as though it 
had NO battery, which I put a new one in a few days ago).

I then proceeded to try and wake up the pump by taking out and re-inserting 
the battery when it showed me a pretty ugly looking screen and then an E21 
alarm.  I then remembered that you can't reuse a battery in the paradigm so 
I went downstairs, got a new battery and put it in.  After fiddling around 
for a while I got out of the E21 alarm (don't forget, I was pretty dopey 
while doing this so I have no idea what I did or why I did it) and found the 
pump needed to be completely reset (time/date, basal rate, etc)

I then took a blood sugar and discovered a 430!!

I eventually took a straight shot (thank G-d after 20+ years of pumping I 
still remember how) and called minimed.  They told me this is an alarm with 
no 'explanation' but that it indicated the pump had some kind of internal 
problem and should have alaramed me during the night when it occured 
(probably did but I slept through it) (I turned my alarm volume up to HIGH a 
short time ago, not wanting this to repeat).

They're sending me a new pump (not a refurb, probably the paradigms too new 
for refurbs) and letting me keep the new one.  The rep was very nice but not 
very helpful about what to do (go on your backup plan, take a shot of long 
acting insulin and humalog to cover meals, call your doctor).

After a trip to the emergency room (to make sure no ketones and no problems 
from coming down from so high) I finally have made it back to work (I walked 
in at almost 4:00PM this afternoon) and am trying to do get myself psyched 
into debugging for a few hours.

If anyone has experience with the paradigm or has heard of this problem 
PLEASE write me directly and let me know.  If I learn anything I'll post.

(New paradigm users: don't get scarred: I don't know that I didn't do 
something stupid to cause this or just got a lemon.  My experience with 
Minimed up until now has been excellent and even the way they handled this 
was OK)

who doesn't like when his pump acts like they used to 20 years ago

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