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[IP] Re: Insulin OD

The only recollection that I have of this happening ever, happened in New
Port,  Rhode Island about 15 or 20 yrs ago. Clause Von Buelo (spelling?)
tried to do his wife in using this method. She however did not die
immediately and slipped into a irreversible coma and after quite some time
I believe, she passed away. She was a heiress to a fortune from her family.
He was never found guilty, ironically he was defended by one of the same
lawyers as O.J. Simpson.
Children killing children, oh the times we are in.
Mike Chambers
D for 33 of 35 yrs
Lebanon, Maine

Sylvia wrote:
Hey folks...this was a real shocker tonight.  Here in Seattle, WA  we have
been dealing with the recent murder of a young 8 year old little boy up in
Bellingham (north of Seattle)  And the murder was committed by his
a 16 year old boy.  Well, tonight they released the results of the autopsy
and the teen murdered the little boy with a massive injection of insulin
he took from his own home.  They found the syringe with the bent needle and
the empty vial.  The report stated he had over 650 times the normal amount
insulin he would have normally had in his body.  What make me wonder is
did this teen hear about doing something like this?  Has a movie come out
that shows this or something ?  The teen tied him up with duct tape and
injected him with insulin. Doesn't make sense unless he learned it from
where.  I mean, no gun was used, no knife, no baseball bat...but insulin.
Just makes me wonder, that's all.
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