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Re: [IP] Pumps are a luxury??!!

On 25 Apr 2002 at 1:32, email @ redacted wrote:

> In a message dated 4/24/02 9:03:44 PM, email @ redacted writes:
> << I believe that ALL of the pump companies would be willing to work out 
> billing a pump directly to a patient with some type of terms to make it more
> acceptable.  If you get an offer from one company, why not ask the other
> companies what terms they would be willing to do?  They will do the same
> dealings with the insurance companies!         ;>)
> George >>

> Yes George you are right ,they will ,,,but minimed made me mad and I went to
> animas and the lowest they would go was 3800$$ and my 508 on trade in.. and they
> wanted 2500 down,,,,the very lowest and I told them what minimed's price was and
> they told me to do thier deal because they could not go that low!!!!!!

As we often say on the List, YMMV, and so may be the deals you are able to negotiate with the companies.  There are no "set in concrete" prices or deals with ANY of the 
companies.  Don't like one offer, seek another.     ;>)

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