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[IP] When do I sleep? (rambling...)

Okay, so JayJay has been pumping a week now, and my question is...when will I 
ever feel like I can sleep again? It's 2am and he just tested at 113, 
completely amazing. Two weeks ago, if he had been 113 at this time of night, I 
would be trying to wake him up to snack on something. 

Will I ever get used to seeing good numbers at night? For three years he was 
above 300 every night, and I knew that he would not be low by morning because 
of that. It was almost comforting (is that weird?).

All of our set changes have gone well. We haven't had any sets fall/get pulled 
off. JayJay is starting to feel lows again, although we haven't had any that 
were really bad (yet?). Beginner's Luck? I hope not. I'm crossing my fingers 
that it stays like this. 

How could any doctor in his/her right mind not think this was the best course 
of treatment for a person with diabetes? On the day you get dx'd they should 
show you how to do an injection, and then start you pumping. It's an amazing 
little piece of machinery!

JayJay named his pump, btw. It's name is "Zero". When my hubby asked him why, 
he said "Cause that's how many shots I got today!" with a VERY BIG GRIN! Music 
to my ears.

I think I'm through rambling for the moment. Guess I'l go see if there are any 
good infomercials on until I go do another test.

Mom to JayJay, age 4, dx'd @ 11 mos. Pumping with Zero.
Sadie, age 2, and
Alden, 9 mos.
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