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Re: [IP] Hi a1c & dr's visit

In a message dated 4/24/02 8:42:33 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< AND WHY would the endo 
just drop it and go along with this RN.  This kind of situation would make me 
VERY nervous because you (or your insurance) is paying for a doctor who is 
obviously NOT in charge of his patients care.  First thing, speak to the endo 
about this, next thing, let your insurance company know about this because 
they will be really pissed off to know that they are paying the premium costs 
for a doctor when a nurse is really the one calling all of the shots!!!

Then RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! >>
This has happened to me I have only one endo in my town of yakima wa. 
He is way to busy I drive 72 miles to my new endo,,,I can talk to this one ;)
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