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Re: [IP] Plan "B" for getting a pump.

> You say that this MD's office has a fax number.  Why not post it here on the
> list along with any email addys you might have for the people there.  Let's see
> how they react to 4500+ people all writing in telling them what buillhockey the
> are talking about about the 'luxery of the pump and how it isn't necessary. 
> This is an outrage and these guys should be SHOT!!!!!!  YES, I'm SHOUTING!!!!!!

Venting on this list is certainly appropriate and permissible, however, let's all be careful of our actions.  What is proposed here could be construed as harassment and could 
subject this organization to lawsuit if actually committed.  We don't want to "cut off our nose" just to spite an uneducated physician.  Best we just move on and forget them, 
they are a lost cause.  :>)

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