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Re: [IP] Hi a1c & dr's visit


  Ok, help me with something.  You went in to see the endo, right...the 
doctor who is INCHARGE of your care, right??!!!  Then she (I think you 
referred to the doc as a female) called in the RN CDE, right?  And when the 
endo said she wanted you to go back on the CGMS the RN/CDE said NO!!!!  Now, 
WHO is in charge of your care?  If the CGMS was done before pumping and the 
endo thinks you would benefit from it now that you are pumping what gives 
this RN the right to  have anything to say about it.  AND WHY would the endo 
just drop it and go along with this RN.  This kind of situation would make me 
VERY nervous because you (or your insurance) is paying for a doctor who is 
obviously NOT in charge of his patients care.  First thing, speak to the endo 
about this, next thing, let your insurance company know about this because 
they will be really pissed off to know that they are paying the premium costs 
for a doctor when a nurse is really the one calling all of the shots!!!

Then RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mom to Joshua
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