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[IP] Lack of control and pregnancy

> My recently married daughter has decided she wants to become
> pregnant.  However, she has long been in poor control (A1c's
> of 13), has just quit smoking, and has also been diagnosed
> with fibromyalgia.  She's also recently relocated so the
> doctors she's seeing don't yet have a true picture of her
> past health situation (Type 1 for 7 years).

I can only wish to go back and use my brain before I ever became
I was diagnosed at 21 (six months after being wed) and was pregnant
within a few short months.
I did not even attempt control before or during my pregnancies.
When my third child was born three (yes, 3) years after the first, he was
born with a cleft lip/palate.
Having no family history on either side, it was concluded that it was
likely a direct result of poor control on my part. He has been through
numerous surgeries over the years, starting at 4 months old to close his
lip, 14 months to close the palate and several revisions. That is just
the beginning of all the surgical work he has been through not to mention
years of speech therapy. He is 17 now and just a few weeks ago went
through another surgery to try to make his face more symmetrical. In a
way it was even harder to watch him go through this one than when he was
a baby. He is an awesome kid.
I hate to use "scare tactics" but if my story causes someone to stop
reckless behavior....none of us (w/ or w/out dm) are guaranteed perfect
children, without flaws...we should do our upmost to give them the best
odds. Please convey to your daughter my wishes for a safe pregnancy and
healthy baby but please wait until good numbers are the norm and the docs
give the okay.

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