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[IP] Hi a1c & dr's visit

Well, today I saw my endo and got back my a1c, a whopping 9.4!  I about
cringed hearing that number as it was the worst one I've had yet!

At first she said I should hook up into the CGM again and called the cde in
and the cde said I already had one.  We both said that was pre pump and she
said no!

I tried to reason with her in that my b.g. haven't really gone over 250 much
but still having lows and not going into 300's much over the past 3 mos and
that when this kind of better control happens, a1c's are higher.  Am I
correct?  She didn't take the bait.

She told me that when I get up in the morning and if my b.g. is high not to
bolus until I eat breakfast.  As a matter of fact she told me only to bolus
for breakfast, lunch and dinner and bedtime snack and if I ate something in
between not to bolus for it.  She says she thinks that the boluses are
overlapping each other.

That might be so but my morning bolus is at breakfast and
within 5 hrs I am crashing.  She couldn't see that looking at my log this
past week (I have my period) and not at the ones when the a1c actually were

I am totally frustrated but she told me that whenever she suggests something
that I don't listen so I said "fine, I'll try it your way".  but I know it's
not going to work.

I asked her if any of her other pumpers had problems with insulins still
dropping b.g.'s 5 hrs after they take it and she said no and I said that
it's probably my body that can't handle the insulin properly (folks, this
happened when I was on NPH, Regular, Humalog and now Novalog) and we should
come up with a formula but no, she wants it this way.

I am totally frustrated but refuse to let my #'s bother me much anymore.  I
usually take them as they are if I can't explain them and do correction
boluses and not get upset when I see a high number (high for me being over
250)...it's my lows that upset me.

She said "where are the lows?  They aren't recorded".  I told her when I'm
low, crashing and my vision is blacking out, I really don't give a hoot
(used another word) what my b.g. is, my first concern is to get some food
into me or glucose tablets until I can see again.  I told her that she
couldn't possibly understand since she's not diabetic and has never
experienced this...grrrrr...

Ok guys, I'm just venting here so I don't expect any "maybe you should do
this or maybe you should do that".  I've tried many suggestions and nothing
has worked.

If I don't see good results with my next a1c, I'm going to try to find a
endo who has diabetes and is a pumper.  Maybe then I'll get some good
answers to my problems.

Oh, btw, the next sarcastic remark I heard was from my husband telling me
that he thinks I am becoming a hypocondriac (spelling???).  Great!

Thx for letting me vent!
Kathy Bruckmeyer
email @ redacted
diab 35 yrs pumping 12/00
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