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Re: [IP] Meter question

Kim, Both the One Touch II and the One Touch Profile can be silenced.

I don't recall the exact procedures on the OT2 (having not used mine since
'96), but I know it involves holding the "C" button (located on the "top"
(or "back" depending on your perspective) of the unit) while powering on.
There are a series of options which can be selected and altered with the "C"
and "M" buttons.

On the OTProfile here are the steps:

1) Power the meter on HOLDING THE POWER BUTTON DOWN for a few seconds until
the display begins flashes.

2) The first thing on the display will be "On   BEEP   M-MOVE   C-CHANGE",
press "C" to change the value to "OFF"

3) Turn the unit back off.  You're all done.

-Sara G.

>===Replying to=====================================

Hello, all...

Are there any meters on the market that don't make any noise?  Mine beeps
very loudly probably three times (when you turn it on, when you put the
blood on the strip, and when it brings up the bg).  I have a one touch II
and profile.  My one touch II is a dinosaur!  (My doctor's jaw almost hit
the ground when he heard I was still using it).

I'm going in for my saline run on Friday and would love to ask them if they
can give me a new meter (for free - they do that a lot at my hospital).  I
will look back at the old emails to see which ones won points for size,
timing, etc, but if you know of a meter that is very quiet, can you let me

Also, thanks for all the advice on hiding the pump.  Much appreciated...  I
think I may have found a spot!  :)

Thanks so much!!
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