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Re: [IP] Competency Certification for Diabetologists

"With so many of us on the list expressing dissatisfaction, disbelief,
 horror, and everything else about statements being made by endocrinologists
treating us for diabetes, I wonder if there is any kind of competency
certification for this specialty."

    Hmmm....  this got me to thinking about my previous endo, who honestly
COULD pass a "competency" test on diabetes, but would fail miserably on
"people" skills, or what ever you want to call it!  I started seeing him
when I was younger and at that time, couldn't care less if I checked my
sugars or ate right, because I was invincible, right?  Well, that ignorant
attitude of mine could only last for so long, but I think he had written me
off as a lost cause way back when.  I was finally ready to get serious about
my health and control of diabetes.  He had  mentioned the pump to me about a
year back, then stated, "I know you'd be SMART enough to manage a pump, but
I question your MATURITY."  ouch.

    He always looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language.  I felt
like I was headed to the principal's office every time I had an appointment
with him!  Little comments would be made, one that particularly stands out
is after I lost about 40 pounds or so, with good old eating healthy &
exercise, and his comment?  "Well, looks like someone hasn't had good
control, weight loss is a sure sign of high blood sugars!"  Uhm...  no,
actually I stopped eating at McDonalds!!!  When I mentioned pump therapy
again?  He looked at me under his eyelids, like he MUST be hearing things,
how dare I ask such a retarded question!

    I decided I didn't care what his credentials were, or how many people
referred him as THE BEST doctor to see, I was completely unhappy with the
guy.  I found a fabulous internist who listens to me, cares about what I
think and I look forward to his visits.  Best part is, he ok'd the pump for
me just last week on my second visit, didn't have to twist his arm at all.
Normally he works with my ex-endo to manage his pump patients, but now he is
getting extra training so we can work together and manage the pump
ourselves!  I think he is almost as excited as I am.

    Sorry so long, just felt the need to tell my story!

    27, Type 1 for 22
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