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[IP] Readings Out of Sight

I don't know what has changed suddenly my glucose readings are sky high.
Started a new blood pressure medication yesterday and never got a reading
below 218 all day long.  Usually I run 150 and below so am not sure if it is
the medication or what.  Gets to become a challenge juggling all the meds and
the pump.

May just have to go back to the Insulin Pumping Book and recheck all my basal
rates and carb:insulin ratio.  Has anyone out there had similar problems?
Anyone have a change in carb ratios over the year?

I have been pumping now for 9 months and love it but have to be really
religious about the testing etc.  I use the Accucheck complete and their
software to download and graph for my Doctor and Endo.  They both love the way
it charts.

Thanks for the support and any ideas you can provide.

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