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[IP] new doctor and first visit - what do you make of it?

My 13-year-old son, who has had diabetes since he was 4 and has been pumping
since he was 9, went to a new doctor today, an older man who has worked with
diabetic children all of his life and has two sons who are diabetic.

During this first visit, the doctor began pushing Lantus, made sure I had a
brochure so that I could read up on it, thought that maybe my son would like
a break from the pump. Huh? Then he made the statement that we don't need to
worry about complications until after 10 to 15 years after we're through
puberty. I asked him about different news which indicated puberty isn't the
magic shield, that complications can start 9 to 10 years after a person gets
diabetes, and a kid should be getting 24-hr urine checks. He said those
studies came out in the 60s, and there was nothing definitive, that puberty
still provides protection. Even though we had also been getting yearly eye
exams, he said we don't need to do that until my son reaches 15.

I know the doctor has been working with diabetic kids for years, but his
statements fly in the face of what I've read through Insulin Pumpers. What
do you make of it?

Joyce Riske
email @ redacted
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