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Re: [IP] Drs. against pumps

I too have seen an endo who was "anti-pump."  He said I should be "responsible" 
enough to control my sugars with diet and exercise and shots... and stressed 
diet and exercise!  Like if I eat certain foods and exercised every day my a1c 
would suddenly drop to 6.  What happened to the "you'll still be able to live a 
normal life" I got when diagnosed??  Having a pump is the closest I will get to 
that until I can get myself cured (or islet cell tx! grin).  What insurance 
company do you have?  Do you have out of network benefits at all?  You could 
try contacting the local JDF or ADA, they usually have a list of doctors that 
are reputable.  You could send that list to your ins co and see if any are 
covered.  The piece of advice I most often get from this list... "demand to 
speak to a supervisor!"  :)  Call your insurance company and speak to a big 
cheese and tell them you need a list of all the diabetes doctors or 
endocrinologists.  Try contacting minimed or the other pump companies.  It 
would be in their best interest to help you, after all.  Good luck, I knoiw how 
frustrating this can be!
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