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[IP] Re: Counseling for those with diabetes (spot read this)

Hello! I need to put my two cents in here- I am a licensed psychotherapist 
and addictions therapist, but more important I am a type one diabetic that 
gets the blues I believe that diabetes does take a tremendous toll on our 
everyday living, spirit and attitude. It is a serious disease with 
devastating consequences for both young and old. I believe that it is 
completely normal to have these feelings with regards to our "daily" upkeep 
and high maintenance schedule we must constantly attend to! I am a strong 
advocate of support groups as well as individual therapy. And would encourage 
everyone to engage in therapy (It can be brief)- don't wait until a crisis 
occurs to examine yourself and your coping skills-as diabetics we cannot turn 
to food, alcohol, etc..for escape without creating more problems for 
ourselves. Now is the time to improve yourself-change will come about if we 
are willing to do "just one thing" different. Change has a wonderful 
cascading affect on our lives and those we interact with, and can be acheived 
by anyone willing to introspect, and behave differently according to your 
insights! Therapy does work-it does provide relief. Spot I applaud you for 
being willing to examine yourself and would ask others to also follow in your 
With sincere respect for all those with diabetes and those who love them,
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