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Re: [IP] Lack of control and pregnancy

What about her husband?  How much does he know about diabetes?  She should have 
her former doctors send all her records to her new doctors.  She only has to 
write the old doctor a letter stating her birthdate and exactly what she wants 
sent and where and then sign it.  Then she AND her husband should go to see her 
endocrinologist together, and also see her ob/gyn together, to discuss the 
details and risks of diabetic pregnancy.  I also havbe a history of poor 
control.  In 3 years of pumping my A1c has gone from 13 to 8, but my doctors 
want it closer to 6.  I made sure my fiance knows about dm and the risks 
involved in a dm pregnancy.  We do want to have kids in 2 years, so I made sure 
I found an excellent diabetes team and ob/gyn.  She needs to get her husband 
involved and knowledgeable, and make sure she has good doctors who are informed 
about her history and current situation.  Also, you should have her talk to 
some people on the list who have had children.  I know there are some here who 
have had miltiple kids and lots of experience.  Some also who have not been 
under perfect conditions when they became pregnant.  I am sure they would be 
happy to give her some advice.  Good luck to you!

> Subject: [IP] Lack of control and pregnancy
> My recently married daughter has decided she wants to become
> pregnant.  However, she has long been in poor control (A1c's
> of 13), has just quit smoking, and has also been diagnosed
> with fibromyalgia.  She's also recently relocated so the
> doctors she's seeing don't yet have a true picture of her
> past health situation (Type 1 for 7 years).
> Given her situation, I am petrified as to what she is facing
> but can't find a way to disuade her.  I would appreciate any
> words of wisdom from those of you who have considered or
> been pregnant, etc.  She has been pumping for about 3 years,
> which did provide her with better control, but just
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