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[IP] Drs.against pumps/ Florida fiasco

Regarding doctors who think pumps are a "luxury":
     The archived transcript isn't yet available, but last night at 
www.diabetesstation.com, the guest speaker was an endo from Canada who should 
be CLONED one-thousand-fold & sent to every recalcitrant endo's office to 
preach pump therapy!! Not only is she an advocate for the physiological 
rationale, but this doctor truly "gets it" regarding the psychological 
rationale! Ellen (CamelsRFun) and I were instant-messaging each other 
throughout the hour chat, commenting on how AWESOME Dr. Lawson is. She spoke 
about the intangible benefits to the whole family of NOT being tied to a 
clock, about how so many parents are amazed to see their child's entire 
personna change for the better, about how untenable it is to fit diabetes & 
timed injections into a typical toddler's day( including battles over food ), 
about how the A1Cs have improved, about her center's 24 hr "hotline" for pump 
trouble-shooting, etc. She also addressed the issue of teens becoming 
cavalier about pumping because it "normalizes" their lives so much, & even 
acknowledged that she'd taken 3 teens off of the pump because they weren't 
doing the requisite self-care & monitoring. Take the time to check back at 
this wonderful resource in a week or so to see if the transcript is posted. 
By the way, Monday, April 29, my daughter's CDE, Gary Scheiner, will be 
chatting about the Glucowatch.
   Here's the bio of the Canadian endo:
> Dr. Margaret Lawson is Chief of the Division of Endocrinology and 
> Metabolism at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) and 
> Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, 
> Canada. Her research focuses on methods of optimizing metabolic control, 
> quality of life, and treatment satisfaction for children and adolescents 
> with diabetes, and their families. Dr. Lawson began using insulin pump 
> therapy with a small number of adolescents in 1996. By 1998, the success of 
> the insulin pump program at CHEO persuaded Dr. Lawson to offer insulin pump 
> therapy as part of standard care for all children and adolescents with type 
> 1 diabetes who are "willing to do what is required to make pump therapy 
> safe and effective". The Diabetes Clinic at the Children's Hospital of 
> Eastern Ontario currently follows 650 children and adolescents with type 1 
> diabetes, with 94 of these children using insulin pump therapy to manage 
> their diabetes. 
Unfortunately, this GREAT news is offset by the not-so-great news that the 
Boca Raton pump fiasco incident was finally "resolved" .....<A HREF="http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/local/palmbeach/sfl-ppump24apr24.story?coll=sfla%2Dnews%2Dpalm">Sun-Sentinel: 
News Local</A>....this excerpt about sums it up: An assistant principal who 
confronted an eighth-grader about a medical device because she thought it was 
a pager will not face discipline from the school district. A district 
investigation concluded there is no reason to reprimand Nereyda 
Astiasaran-Perez, an assistant principal at Eagles Landing Middle School west 
of Boca Raton, district spokesman Nat Harrington said.
      Jeff Wagner, Nikki Wagner's father, said Tuesday he was "shocked" by 
the district's findings. He declined further comment.
     Sorry to say, the "cynic" in me is not at all shocked...Sigh....


Renee (Melissa's pump mom/advocate)
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