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[IP] Plan "B" for getting a pump.

I understand this is a "loaded" question, & I apologize if this tweaks some
folks for going around
"the system".  But I'm really tempted to see if this can be done....

I'm been IDDM for 38+ yrs.and I've been taking full control of my "D" that
whole time.
I know the drill about MDI, testing, counting carbs, flex insulin rates, etc.
Been doing that
forever on my own.  No real problem.

However due to this list & my own curiosity I decided to go for a pump 18
months ago.
Long story short.  My endo (the only one available in the area on my HMO plan)
is NOT pump friendly at all & keeps dragging his feet, even though I FAX in my
charts etc every week, keep my H1c's
down to 6.5, & keep after him for anything else I need to do to get him to
sign me up for a pump.
He keeps telling me that MDI has the same effect as the pump so there is no
real advantage.
(Bull hokey!)

So here's the question:  In the USA I will need a prescription from my endo to
get a pump.
Any chance I can go out of the country, say Mexico & get a pump "over the
counter" without
dealing with the prescription requirement? If so, can I get it back in the
states with it? I've heard
of others going to Mexico & Canada to get meds cheaper than within the USA.
Why not
go "over the border" to get a pump for my own use? (Cheaper or not.)

I'm tired of waiting for a pump.  38 years IDDM, & 18+ months jumping through
to prove I can handle the discipline of testing/ carb counting/ exercise/ MDI
on a daily
bases is long enough.

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