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RE: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #274

Hi Joyce:
I used to use beef/pork insulin many years ago before they came out with
humalin.  Dr. had us all switch to that since they were discontinuing
manufacturing the beef/pork.

Even though the NPH peaked at unreasonable times, I too had symptoms of lows
before I went low.

Since being on the pump, I feel that they creep lower and there are no
warnings other than checking b.g. a lot...especially when I'm driving.

I have learned that if I am anywhere below 150 3 hrs after I eat, that
within the next 2 hrs I will be way below 80.  Happens all the time.

I am seeing my endo tomorrow and see what she says this time around.

Thx for writing back and good luck.

BTW I like the novalog much better than the humalog in that my sites last a
heck of a lot longer and I don't get the burning/itching and red marks I
used to get.

Kathy B.
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