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Re: [IP] ezManager - my $0.02

Thank you for your summary. If only Animas would come out with their
Mac-compatible version. I want ez-Manager, but also want to be able to
use it on my imac, not just the Handpring Visor.

Animas software developers: if you are reading this, I am waiting patiently.


Tom Wellman wrote:

 >Noticed several posts re: the Animas ezManager....After our Animas rep
 >demo'd it, I tried the 30 day demo, loved it and bought it....Yes 
there are
 >some drawbacks, but it has really helped my carb counting.  I've tried
 >nearly every software package available and like ezManager the best!
 >However, I'm still also using the InTouch software because of the upload
 >feature and it has a couple reports that I like which are not yet in the
 >ezManager.  With some fine-tuning ezManager could become the best 
product on
 >the market (and, no, I don't use the Animas pump).  Would be a terrific
 >combo if InTouch and ezManager linked up  - add a bg sensor to the PDA and
 >an infrared cradle to the PC and I'd be in 7th heaven.....anyway, 
here's my
 >2 cents:
 > Designed for pumpers (easy to track basal, bolus, extended bolus and
 > Can enter several basal profiles
 > Can set up multiple types of insulin (ex: Novolog for pumping and Humalog
 >for injections...)
 > Automatic calculation of bolus based on bg reading.
 > Automatic calculation of bolus based on meal.
 > Can automatically enter the bolus in the database.
 > Food database has lots of food items.
 > Can enter your own favorite foods.
 > Includes an "activity tracker" for exercise.
 > Notes feature is good.
 > Includes several good reports - the daily report is excellent.
 > PDA sync is pretty easy.
 > Can link with several computers (desktop and laptop, for example)
 > Can customize carb ratios by time of day, bg intervals, adjustment 
 >and time intervals
 > Can specify the number of days to keep on the Palm (with the full 
 >kept on the PC).
 > Can delete categories of food (i.e.: I don't eat baby food, so I've 
set it
 >up to not load the baby food data base).
 > Have to do dual bolus in two steps.
 > Have to add your own regional meal items (alas...no poi, sashimi, laulau,
 >lomi salmon, sushi or spam musubi).
 > Can't edit data after entering it (but you can delete the entry and
 >re-enter it)
 > Can't delete a food item after adding it to favorites.
 > Doesn't allow pre-coded notes (like some of the meters allow)
 > Designed for multi-users so there is an annoying login screen on the PC
 > Easy to mess up the databases if its not set up correctly.
 > Upgrade instructions are a bit confusing.
 > Missing some essential reports (scatter plot, histogram, traditional
 >log-book format, and simple trend graph)
 > No meter or pump download features (yet).
 > Doesn't track HbA1c's (yet)
 > Doesn't track other labs and measurements (like weight, cholesterol...but
 >haven't found a good PDA package that can track other lab results well).
 > Doesn't have a bg graph on the PDA, only on the PC linked side.
 > Not available for Pocket PC's (yet)
 > Product doesn't have a web update - would be terrific if it were 
linked to
 >the web for food item updates!
 > Many of the pre-set database items are not really practical for most 
 >and cannot be deleted.
 > Has an import and export function, but the uses of these functions 
are not
 > PC component has an annoying "compact database" message - would be better
 >to simply have this as a weekly option and avoid a user screen.
 > Reports don't show total daily carbs.
 > Reports don't show total daily insulin or total daily insulin by type of
 >insulin or method of delivery.
 > Insulin to carb ratios are not insulin type-specific.
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml