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Re: [IP] Meter question

At 09:18 PM 4/23/02, you wrote:
>Hello, all...
>Are there any meters on the market that don't make any noise?  Mine beeps 
>very loudly probably three times (when you turn it on, when you put the 
>blood on the strip, and when it brings up the bg).  I have a one touch II 
>and profile.  My one touch II is a dinosaur!  (My doctor's jaw almost hit 
>the ground when he heard I was still using it).
>I'm going in for my saline run on Friday and would love to ask them if 
>they can give me a new meter (for free - they do that a lot at my 
>hospital).  I will look back at the old emails to see which ones won 
>points for size, timing, etc, but if you know of a meter that is very 
>quiet, can you let me know?
>Also, thanks for all the advice on hiding the pump.  Much 
>appreciated...  I think I may have found a spot!  :)
>Thanks so much!!
Kim, I don't remember about the One Touch II, but I know the beeps can be 
turned off on the Profile.

(using one touch meters since 1986)
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