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Re: [IP] carb counting & fiber

My dietician has me subtracting fiber, but only when there are more than 
5gms of fiber in the meal. I am still preparing to get my pump on May 20th, 
but the carb ratios I use on MDI(1:8 bfast, 1:14 rest of the time) seem to 
work really well for me. At first I was not subtracting the fiber, and was 
causing lows by giving myself too much insulin for high-fiber meals.

Type 1 7yrs, start pumping on May 20th.

>I have just recently started carb counting (3 days ago), and am trying to
>determine insulin:carb ratios in preparation for the pump.  My nutritionist
>told me that I needed to subtract the grams of fiber from the total
>carbohydrate grams when counting.  After the appointment, I went out and
>bought a book with carb counts and fiber information, and have been doing 
>that way for the last 3 days.  My question is, does everyone do this?  In 
>last 2 months on this site, I have never heard mention of fiber, and it 
>makes me curious.

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