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[IP] carb counting & fiber

I have just recently started carb counting (3 days ago), and am trying to 
determine insulin:carb ratios in preparation for the pump.  My nutritionist 
told me that I needed to subtract the grams of fiber from the total 
carbohydrate grams when counting.  After the appointment, I went out and 
bought a book with carb counts and fiber information, and have been doing it 
that way for the last 3 days.  My question is, does everyone do this?  In my 
last 2 months on this site, I have never heard mention of fiber, and it just 
makes me curious.  I also wonder if it is contributing to how much insulin 
it looks like I will be requiring for the time being, 1:6, but I also 
attribute that to my lack of a regular exercise routine.
Maybe this is just a YMMV thing, but it seems like counting would be a lot 
easier without having to subtract the fiber, especially for things without 
nutrition labels like fruits and vegetables.
Thanks in advance!
T1 for 16 yrs, DX '86, using Lantus and Novolog currently, hoping to be 
pumping soon!

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