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RE: [IP] Difference between Type 1A and 1B

>"I suppose there are type IIs who've burned out their beta cells - which
>would be basically the same as a type I w/ no antibodies."
>This happens?  What can cause you to burn out your beta cells?  I know
>chronic abuse of drugs and alcohol can cause a patient to present with DKA.
>Is that a permanent situation?

I'm not expert on this, but my impression is that if you're type II and your 
beta cells are over-producing insulin, that can lead to beta cell burn out - 
and the cells eventually stop producing any insulin.  There are some docs (I 
believe Bernstein is one) who think that a person with type II should take 
steps to keep this from happening, such as treat the insulin resistance so 
their beta cells don't have to work so hard.

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