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[IP] kids with diabetes a psychiatric opinion

>I was wondering how many have at one time or another gone for
>counseling.  My 16 year old daugher just doesn't seem happy lately.
>She takes really good care of herself, but doesn't like to talk
>about her diabetes at all.  I just feel like she is carrying this
>huge load on her shoulders and won't share it with me or her dad.
>What do you think am I being a worry wart mother or is it a good
>idea to go to counseling at some point.  She has had diabetes for 6
>six years and I think she is getting sick of it.

Do you have any indications that here control is adequate?  Like
reecent A1C's?  If so, she's doing something right but may have other
issues Dm or non-Dm related that some neutral thrid party could help

In any case, DBO (diabetes burn out) hits most of use now and then.
I am a believer in at least occasional counselling for kids with
diabetes.  If you go this route try to get someone who specializes in
dealing with people wiht chronic disorders.  (Many coucellors think
Dm is just a matter of taking a pill once a day anf following a
diet).  Dm is a bigger part of life to us than most single aspects of
life are to any healthy person.

My 2 cents

I am a trained psychiatrist/psychoanalyst and have sought psychiatric
attention on several occasions for depression which is a part of diabetes.
type 1 and to a lessor extent type 2 diabetes is a life altering experience.
It affects everything we do and makes certain choices for us that we would
not normally have selected if we didn't have diabetes. We are not in control
of our lives like our non diabetic counterparts. Always we have self worth
issues.  There are a special number of problems with young girls which as a
man I cannot ever experience. I suggest ppsychotherapy and medication
because it does work. Some kids are resiustant to it but they should be
encouraged to talk out their fears and concerns with their psychiatrist.
These problems do not go away with age, they just get pushed deeper into the
subconscious mind. Diabetes is an assault on ones self image. A female
psychiatrist may be the best doc for a woman.   spot
my $125/45 minute hr opinion
A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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