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[IP] What, ANOTHER one?

Bruce Fried, what was wrong with the DEX I just sent you? Are you a hoarder?
Not to worry, I did too, but was wondering why on earth you'd need another
meter after only a couple of days? I can see being in need, but to
capitalize so on a loving group of folks is kinda greedy, eh, wot?

On the other "What, ANOTHER one?" I received over 22 emails from various
folks with that virus and it's different names.

I belong to many different lists and know for a fact 10 came from people on
another list, and can presume a few are from folks here, 1 other is a
private friend who I 'phoned to tell her she has it.

As I have a Beautiful Mac, *I* don't get them. They don't do a thing to me.

Norton AV and Utilities, total: $120.00
Mac G4 466: $1,399.00
Ipod 5 GB Data back-up/MP3: $399.00
Peace of mind:  _Priceless_.

Jenny Sutherland
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email @ redacted
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