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Re: [IP] Re: Type 1Aa & 1B

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From: "jhughey" <email @ redacted>
> where does that leave the gestational DMers, the surgical DMers, and the
> *weirdos* (errr - I mean Type Weird)? lol  (~_^)

Well, first off, according to the ADA, Type 1A is Immune Mediated, and Type
1B is idiopathic, which means there are no auto-immune markers. This form is
considered to be restricted primarily to blacks, but I don't think they know
all there is to know about it! Both these types tend to present with ketosis
or ketoacidosis.

Surgical DMers are considered Type 3, that is they fall into the category
"Other specific types" and Gestational is Type 4.

Type 2 is actually the garbage can diagnosis -- far from being a defined
diagnosis, it's where you put everything that doesn't fit into one of the
other defined categories.

Type 2 is really the "I dunno, so let's blame obesity and point our fingers
at the victim" type.

Which brings me to Type Weird. So far as I can tell, my type of diabetes has
never been described. It MAY have an auto-immune connection as I do have
Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and was tested for antibodies. It is not directly
inherited as neither of my parents had diabetes; my father died at age 70
and my mother at age 80, and neither of my siblings, currently ages 51 and
55 have developed it, whereas I developed diabetes at age 43. And it is NOT
associated with obesity and acts like a LONG honeymoon.

The beta-cell deterioration is detectable but slow, but on the other hand, I
don't seem to be insulin resistant, and small amounts of insulin make a
definite difference in my control.

I'm tired of waiting for the medical world to discover me, so I just live
with it -- and I let my doc put down Type 1 on the diagnosis sheets, even
though I KNOW it isn't classic Type 1 --  all *I* want is to get the
treatment I need to have a good quality of life.

So I'm going back to cropping zebra grass -- have fun, y'all.

Natalie ._c-
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