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Re: [IP] Re: Difference between Type 1A and 1B

On 22 Apr 2002 at 23:44, John Kinsley wrote:

> Does anyone on this list know the difference between and Type 1A Diabetic
> and a Type 1B Diabetic?
> ----------------------------------------------------------

> Maybe someone can correct me but I suspect that type 1B is yet another
> unofficial term for LADA (late autoimmune diabetes in adults) as is type 3
> often used for LADA.  LADA diabetics usually test positive for GAD-A
> antibodies whereas the classic type1 will test positive for ICA (islet cell
> antibodies) and/or GAD-A and another autoantibody.
> John Kinsley
> Type 1 - 1956

OK, I presume you are a Type 1A, assuming your diabetes was caused by an autoimmune response which destroyed your beta cells.  All Type 1As are from an 
autoimmune causation.  Type 1B is due to idiopathic destruction of those cells, no apparent cause, or for an unknown reason.  IMO LADA, sometimes called Type 1-1/2, is 
just a slower version of Type 1A, it can have a "years long honeymoon". 

George     :>)
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