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[IP] Re: Type 1Aa & 1B

> Maybe someone can correct me but I suspect that type 1B is yet another
> unofficial term for LADA (late autoimmune diabetes in adults) as is type 3
> often used for LADA.  LADA diabetics usually test positive for GAD-A
> antibodies whereas the classic type1 will test positive for ICA (islet
> antibodies) and/or GAD-A and another autoantibody.
> John Kinsley

This also brings to my mind the article that was just posted and said of the
16m DMers in the USA, 90% are Type 2's and 10% are Type 1's. Now, I ask,
where does that leave the gestational DMers, the surgical DMers, and the
*weirdos* (errr - I mean Type Weird)? lol  (~_^)

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