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RE: [IP] counseling for 16 year old


Long time no see.  I am sorry to hear that your daughter has stopped taking
care of herself.  I would love to tell you that she will grow out of it
soon...however in my case I think I checked out at age 17 and checked back
in at age 23.  In those five years I was hospitalized 6 times, all for low
blood sugar.  Probably just luck that none of them were for DKA.  In my case
I was on injections and started taking more R to cover 'treats'.  It then
became 'my dosage' and thus when I didn't eat the crap I ran low.  Vicious
cycle.  I have been EXTREMELY lucky that those years of stupidity haven't
lead to complications.  Although I am still only 25 and not out of the blue.

Anyways, back to the original thread started for someone else.  As for
counseling, for any 16 year old, I think there is a debate to be had.  If
the young adult is willing then there shouldn't be any problem going this
route, and possibly a promising outcome.  However, if the young adult is not
willing, you are only asking for trouble.  If my parents at the time had
tried sending me to a shrink I think I would have rebeled more in spite.
Although I know now they meant it for my own good,  I don't think I would
have recognized it then.  I was so caught up in the unfairness of it.  Being
16 is a very difficult age minus the diabetes.  Adding the responsibility
only makes it more difficult. 

To make matters worse, I was at least being honest for the blood tests I
did.  But because of my wild swings from unreported extra R my endo started
accusing me of 'fibbing' on my bgs.  Which of course #$#%# me off more then
anything.  I stopped testing as often because I figured if he didn't believe
I was actually doing it...why should I. 

So that doesn't solve your problem, but it gives you a perspective of a
teenagers thoughts.  It looks like a no-win situation and it may very likely
be that.  So much for simple solutions,

-- Sherry
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