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Re: [IP] Difference between Type 1A and 1B(and pumping 1 yearanniversery!)

I wonder if there isn't a form (cause) of diabetes that hasn't been
identified yet.
I remember reading a while back about autopsies that had been performed on
people who had type 1 diabetes, but died from other causes, such as auto
accidents. The autopsies revealed that the pancreas was just loaded with
perfectly good insulin. The problem was that the insulin could not get out
of the pancreas?  I guess it would make sense that the mechanism that tells
the pancreas to release the insulin could brake. Or maybe scarring or
blockage on the pancreas could prevent the insulin from being exchanged
into the blood?


Heidi Vogan wrote:

> --- Michael <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > > >Does anyone on this list know the difference
> > between and Type 1A Diabetic
> > > >and
> > > >a Type 1B Diabetic?
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