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Re: [IP] Difference between Type 1A and 1B(and pumping 1 year anniversery!)

--- Michael <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > >Does anyone on this list know the difference
> between and Type 1A Diabetic 
> > >and
> > >a Type 1B Diabetic?
> > 
> > The last time I went to the endo (few weeks ago),
> he told me that
> > one is type 1s who've tested positive for the
> antibodies and the
> > other is type 1s who haven't been tested for the
> antibodies.  I was
> > left wondering, of course, are there any type 1s
> who have tested
> > negative? 

 My (former)endo felt that 1B was more( a misnomer)
like type 2 diabetes then 1,in that insulin
requirements fluctuated to both extremes (how can it
be real type 1 if you've still got occasional insulin
secreation?)and another thing,if at dx you test
negative for the antibodies what did do the killing
off of the beta cells?Type 2's don't have the
antibodies(most of them)do they? At my dx(3.5 yrs
ago),I don't know if they tested for
antibodies(because I was so whopping high w/mild
ketoacidosis),c peptide tested at 0.6.
They told me I was type 1(because of the above
fact),but it would be interesting to know(percentage
wise) how many type 1's actually test negative to the
antibodies.And I read somewhere,that by 3 yrs after dx
the antibodies are mostly gone.

           Type ? 3.5 yrs, and pumping a year
           (April 23,2001) as of TOMARROW!:)

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