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[IP] ezManager - accurate?

> Tom "Pump Daddy" Wellman wrote
> email @ redacted

> YMMV - I found it very accurate.  After setting the carb:insulin ratio
> (which is adjustable by time of day - helpful if you have a different
> for breakfast than lunch) and setting the upper limit of your target
> the program will calculate the insulin needed (to the 1/10th of a unit)
> the entire meal.  The harder part is estimating the portion sizes, but
> would be the same with or without the PDA assistance.

I have been using EZ Manager for a couple of months and found it accurate
for meal corrections as far as carbs go.   Not so for protein. It
underestimated large amounts of protein  which I wanted to factor in.
I spoke to  Peter Laakmann at Animas and he found the bug and corrected it.
Here is his letter.  If you want the file he sent me write to me privately.
I followed the instructions and now it works fine.

Denise Guerin
Type 1 47 years
Minimed 507 4 year, waiting for my Animas pump this week

+Hello Denise,

+I found and fixed the protein compensation bug. You can try the
+fixed  version if you wish. I'm attaching the Palm Pilot program that you
+need to
+install with Palm's "Install Tool." To launch the install tool application.
+Go to the Start Menu button on your Windows desktop, then Programs | Palm
+Desktop | Install Tool. Then drag and drop the attached
+file, ezManager.prc, into the install tool program (assuming your email
+client supports it) or save the file from your email to your hard disk and
+click the "Add" button on the install tool and point it to where you saved
+it to. Once that is done, you should see ezManager.prc appear in the
+Install Tool's list of file(s). Click "Done". Then sync your Palm.

+That should be it. However, you can check if it installed properly. If
+ezManager is indicated as version 2.6.4 on your Palm, then you know that
+you are updated. If you have any problems, let me know.   I'm sorry if this
+caused you much trouble, it must have slipped in inadvertently during a
revision but gone unnoticed until just now.

> Peter Laakmann

1.877.YES.PUMP x246
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