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Re: [IP] Novel Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus

> >Has anyone heard whether the INGAP process can only be used on newly
> >diagnosed or do they think they can reverse the effects of D. on someone 
> >who
> >has been dealing with this disease for a long time??
> >
> Sylvia,  My understanding was that the INGAP peptide works on 
> undifferentiated pancreas cells, not beta cells, so it shouldn't
> matter if your betas are all dead.  So, yes, it should work on
> someone who's had it for a long time!!!

There may be some significant advantage to those that have had 
diabetes a LONG TIME. Over time, the immune response that originally 
destroyed the beta cells declines or may disappear compeletely. Some 
researchers thing that INGAP in combination with a  vaccine may 
actually effectuate a cure in this situation.

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