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Re: [IP] Miss America

Michael and Jan:
     Your posts only underscore what I've been "preaching" for years now: 
KNOWLEDGE is POWER!!! I spoke to a mom yesterday whose 2 yr old is on a 
Paradigm pump through Children's Hospital in Philadelphia. Considering that 
parents of much older kids have had to fight for approval there, I was 
stunned. She explained that she'd done her research ( thanks to IP-ers!!!) & 
said she wasn't taking NO for an answer & she is thrilled with how much more 
"normalized" their lives are now. Something as simple as her son refusing to 
eat now can elicit a "fine - go to bed without eating" reaction, whereas 
before that was a cause for panic & resorting to ANYTHING edible to get those 
carbs into his little body! Since my daughter was dx'd at age 9, I never 
thought about how that distorts the usual parent/child interactions.
    So keep on posting, encouraging, teaching, reaching, caring & 
sharing......it's our best ANTIDOTE to this dia-BEAST-ie!
Renee ( Melissa's pump-mom)
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