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Re: [IP] sleepovers

I have started to relax a bit concerning sending Josh (age 10 and pumping 2 
yrs) to sleepovers.  The thing I always ask is that Josh call me around 
10-11PM with a BG check and then again in the AM.  As mo st realize I don't 
get ANY sleep but I have the satisfaction of knowing that he is having fun.  
And most of his friends are a quick car ride away or here in the 
neighborhood.  It is hard as the parent to let them go.  I don't ask the 
parents to check on him.  I just let him basically eat whatever he wants and 
if he doesn't bolus enough then that is fine.  He has yet to go low on any of 
these sleepovers.  He is usually high.  And that is fine with me!  Because 
those are so easily corrected.  There is only one parent who I know will 
check on his BGs during the night (HI Kerri!!!) and that is the only time I 
will sleep too!!!!

mom to Joshua
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