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[IP] Re: ez-Manager accuracy


   Did you know that there are sections of the program where you can
enter personal info on which calculations for meal boluses as well as
for correction boluses are based?

   To enter info needed for accurate meal boluses:

   Open ez-Manager on your Palm, click "Settings", then click "Set Meal
Corrections".  Here you can tell it to recommend an insulin correction
after a meal by activating the box, then click "Set Insulin-Carb
Ratios!".  This is where you will be able to set your carbs per unit of
insulin at various times during the day:  You have options to enter 6
different values.

   To enter info needed for accurate correction boluses:

   Open ez-Manager on your Palm, click "Settings", then click "Set BG
Corrections".  Here you can enter the BG target where no correction is
desired.  When a BG value falls outside of that range it will use the
values you enter for 1 Unit of insulin per "x" mg/dl over target and 10
gm of Carb. per "y" mg/dl under target.

   I think once you have entered your personal setting for these
parameters will find that ex-Manager does provide accurate
recommendations. **

  **Note:  There was a bug in an earlier version of ez-Manager which
basically slipped a digit when doing the arithmetic for the amount of
crabs to be consumed to bring a low BAG into target range, but that was
resolved some time ago.  Check to make sure you are using the current

   Good luck.  ( No affiliation with Animas, nor ez-Manager.  Just one
among many satisfied customers.)
   - Ann

Ann Gervasio        mailto:email @ redacted
Herndon,  VA        http://www.KnitsByAnn.com
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