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Re: [IP] using MM508 & Disentronics Infustion Sets ??

Cynthia wrote: < I think you might be able to use components from
Disetronics pumps with your MiniMed pump. I've known people who like the
Disetronics "SofSet" version better than the Minimed. They might be better
at supplying stuff too.>

Hi All... How does this work ?? If Minimed has the certificate of medical 
necessity from Doctor in regard to the pump and supplies ... What does 
Disetronic need in order for you to get "their" version of "sofsets" or even 
the Ultraflex .... I know that the infusion sets are "interchangeable" 
between these two companies  ... I'm confused about how all this works ... 
How do you go about ordering the infusion sets from Disetronic when you have 
a Minimed pump ?? Is a prescription needed ?  What steps do you take to 
beable to order from Disetronic ??

Dx'd 1981, pumping 02/27/02
minimed 508
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