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[IP] unlubricated reservoirs

<We seemed to get a whole box of r's that have too little or no
lubrication....Has this ever happened to anybody else?
What did you do?>

Had the same thing happen a couple times...A few others have posted this
problem as well...
Even though you may cycle the reservoir, if there is too little lubrication
to start with, cycling won't do much good...
Yes, you should get an occlusion alarm - but on many pumps the alarm may not
sound until after several units have not delivered - by then you could go a
bit high depending on your insulin sensitivity.  I found that the problem
reservoirs didn't always set off the alarm - sometimes I'd go a bit high and
then the little extra pressure would kick the reservoir back in...without
setting off the alarm.

If the reservoir seems sluggish after cycling it a few times, use another
reservoir.  If you find several reservoirs in the same batch that seem to be
under-lubricated, call the supplier.  In the 2 or 3 instances this has
happened to me, MM was very helpful - they sent me a new box of reservoirs
and asked me to return the ones I thought were defective.  Even if you think
it might be your imagination, its better to err on the side of safety...with
the number of mass produced units, there is always a chance for error.

Tom "Pump Daddy" Wellman
email @ redacted
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