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[IP] ezManager - my $0.02

Noticed several posts re: the Animas ezManager....After our Animas rep
demo'd it, I tried the 30 day demo, loved it and bought it....Yes there are
some drawbacks, but it has really helped my carb counting.  I've tried
nearly every software package available and like ezManager the best!
However, I'm still also using the InTouch software because of the upload
feature and it has a couple reports that I like which are not yet in the
ezManager.  With some fine-tuning ezManager could become the best product on
the market (and, no, I don't use the Animas pump).  Would be a terrific
combo if InTouch and ezManager linked up  - add a bg sensor to the PDA and
an infrared cradle to the PC and I'd be in 7th heaven.....anyway, here's my
2 cents:

 Designed for pumpers (easy to track basal, bolus, extended bolus and
 Can enter several basal profiles
 Can set up multiple types of insulin (ex: Novolog for pumping and Humalog
for injections...)
 Automatic calculation of bolus based on bg reading.
 Automatic calculation of bolus based on meal.
 Can automatically enter the bolus in the database.
 Food database has lots of food items.
 Can enter your own favorite foods.
 Includes an "activity tracker" for exercise.
 Notes feature is good.
 Includes several good reports - the daily report is excellent.
 PDA sync is pretty easy.
 Can link with several computers (desktop and laptop, for example)
 Can customize carb ratios by time of day, bg intervals, adjustment factors,
and time intervals
 Can specify the number of days to keep on the Palm (with the full database
kept on the PC).
 Can delete categories of food (i.e.: I don't eat baby food, so I've set it
up to not load the baby food data base).

 Have to do dual bolus in two steps.
 Have to add your own regional meal items (alas...no poi, sashimi, laulau,
lomi salmon, sushi or spam musubi).
 Can't edit data after entering it (but you can delete the entry and
re-enter it)
 Can't delete a food item after adding it to favorites.
 Doesn't allow pre-coded notes (like some of the meters allow)
 Designed for multi-users so there is an annoying login screen on the PC
 Easy to mess up the databases if its not set up correctly.
 Upgrade instructions are a bit confusing.
 Missing some essential reports (scatter plot, histogram, traditional
log-book format, and simple trend graph)
 No meter or pump download features (yet).
 Doesn't track HbA1c's (yet)
 Doesn't track other labs and measurements (like weight, cholesterol...but
haven't found a good PDA package that can track other lab results well).
 Doesn't have a bg graph on the PDA, only on the PC linked side.
 Not available for Pocket PC's (yet)
 Product doesn't have a web update - would be terrific if it were linked to
the web for food item updates!
 Many of the pre-set database items are not really practical for most people
and cannot be deleted.
 Has an import and export function, but the uses of these functions are not
 PC component has an annoying "compact database" message - would be better
to simply have this as a weekly option and avoid a user screen.
 Reports don't show total daily carbs.
 Reports don't show total daily insulin or total daily insulin by type of
insulin or method of delivery.
 Insulin to carb ratios are not insulin type-specific.
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