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[IP] Are QuickSets on back order??


Have any of you tried to order QuickSets from MiniMed and heard they are on 
back order--and that they don't know when they will be available??

I am *seriously* low on infusion sets because I've had a string of bad luck 
with them lately (and have had to insert several in one day, sometimes).  I 
placed an order and the rep said nothing about them not being available right 

In the meantime, I had called the help line and asked them to FedEx me 
several QuickSet samples because I am going to be traveling next week and 
need them desperately.  They were supposed to arrive yesterday (Saturday), 
and I am leaving today.  When they didn't arrive, I called MiniMed and the 
guy told me they were OUT of QuickSets, so that's probably why the FedEx 
never arrived.

I said, geez, it would have been nice if someone had told me that instead of 
just not sending them!  And how come when I placed my order no one told me it 
wouldn't be coming in the usual timeframe?  And I NEED INFUSION SETS NOW, I 

His response?  "Ma'am, I guess you'll need to go back to injections until the 
QuickSets are available."  =:-O   I was pretty horrified that *that* would be 
MiniMed's response!!  When I asked when they would be available, he had no 
idea.  I have asked for the name of the clinical services manager and will be 
calling her on Monday.

As it turns out, I called my CDE and she has some 6mm QuickSets she hates, so 
I'll get a few from her.  I don't like 6mm either, because they pull out too 
easily on me, but it's better than shots.  I also asked the help line guy to 
send me SofSets as an alternative (and wouldn't you think HE would have 
thought to offer that?).

I am really disgusted with the complete lack of customer service I've 
received from MiniMed in this situation.

What have you guys heard about the QuickSets?

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