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[IP] Paradigm trade up

Subject: [IP] Paradigm trade up

Looking to hear from folks who have traded up to the new MiniMed 
We are thinking about it right now.
Jack, NJ
Hello Jack,

I haven't traded up to the Paradigm yet but I went to a training/ support group a few weeks ago and saw one and got to play with it a bit. It is much more user friendly as far as programming and reviewing information but I don't think the 508 is to bad. I guess the paridgm is a little lighter, so they claim. It is watertight for either 30 minutes or an hour (another brain cramp can't remember which). No one could tell us what happened after 31 minutes or 61minutes, does it suddenly suck water?. 

The one thing I don't like is the batteries. It uses one AAA battery that you can buy over the counter. The problem with that is some stores sell old batteries, which may have lost power so you have to be careful and be sure you have a battery with lots of life left. 

The sales rep gave me a CD to take home and play with on my PC. Maybe if you call your sales rep or mini-med they will give you one. I haven't decided if I am going to accept the upgrade or not. I started on the 508 in Dec. 01 and am eligible for the Paridgm. 

PS 508 is so much easier to remember than Paridgm. ha, ha

Laurie diagnosed 1953 at 2, pumping since 12/01 and loving it

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