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Re: [IP] sleepovers

In a message dated 4/21/02 10:47:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I can't imagine the mom minding waking her to do a check especially if there 
> is nothing else she needs to do......

    Unfortunately, just like snowflakes, no 2 cases are alike...Just as some 
IP-ers were appalled at how some "professionals" in school dealt with your 
child, my friend in Massachusetts will be equally amazed at how WELL your 
child's friend's mom dealt with the sleepover. Her daughter uses a pump & was 
running high. The mom called the hostess mom at 10:00 & asked if she could 
simply awaken her daughter once in the middle of the night to have her 
re-check to confirm that her correction bolus had done the trick. The hostess 
mom, instead of agreeing (duh - with a houseful of kids, what were the odds 
she'd be asleep anyway!) demanded that the mom come over IMMEDIATELY & take 
her child home!!! Hard to imagine??? So too are these school horror stories 
for those who fortunately DON'T deal with them...
   Bottom line: EDUCATION and EMPOWERMENT- because ignorance about diabetes 
rears its ugly head when least expected!
Renee (melissa's pump mom)
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