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Re: [IP] Infected glucose stick

If this were my daughter's finger I would soak it in
warm water with a couple of drops of tea tree oil or
grapefruit seed extract (ours is called Citricidex) in
it. Both have naturally occurring broad spectrum anti-
bacterial, viral, fungal, etc. capabilities and are
safe and effective (I use both of these on myself and
my kids for various problems). Tea tree oil can also be
applied directly to the skin but the gse should be
diluted for use. I would probably also use a bandaid
with neosporin during the day to protect it (since she
is a kid and their hands can get pretty dirty) but let
it "air out" during the night after a good washing.
This is just what I would do if she had an infection in
her finger. If it didn't get better after 2-3 days I
would take her to the doctor. As we say here quite
often, your mileage may vary (ymmv). :)

Take care, Kerri
~*~this is where my quote would be if I had one~*~

Carla said:
One of my fingers has an infected site from the glucose
monitoring.  I have put neosporin cream on it.  Are
there any suggestions.
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