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Re: [IP] FYI Glucowatch Now Available!

I would like the watch for nighttime only.  Put it on at bedtime; watch 
overnight numbers and check at 3 a.m.  Great for adjusting basals, if it 
works.  It supposedly has a low sugar alarm, but it doesn't work if you are 

I don't see a use during the day unless you are trying to gather fasting data 
for changing basal amounts or to manage post prandial spikes.

The readings from the watch (like any arm device) can be up to 45 minutes 
behind a finger stick.

The new version (biographer 2) is already being worked on.  I am going to try 
to borrow a Glucowatch from our Endo, but they may not let kids have it for a 

(for Gabe; pumping, age 12.5)
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