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[IP] Disetronic batteries & Linda Z. in NoVA

When I first had my pump training with Disetronic in Jan 2001, the nurse 
told me that they had a bad batch of batteries in circulation and if I ever 
had a problem to call and they would be replaced for free.  This happened to 
me once, I think it was last fall.  I changed the batteries and the new ones 
didn't work at all.  I called Disetronic and they sent me replacement 
batteries over night.  Luckily I had a more batteries that day, I'm not sure 
what would have happened if I didn't.  I've gotten from 3 to 6 weeks out of 
my batteries over the last 15 months of pumping.  Lately it's been longer (5 
or 6 weeks)... I'm hoping the Disetronic battery problem may be a thing of 
the past.

Also - sorry to post this to the whole list but LINDA Z in NoVA....
(I lost your email address)  I had an appointment with the endo you 
recommended - Dr. Sklar - last week and I thought he was excellent!!  Thanks 
so much for your recommendation.  It's great to see an endo that actually 
listens to you and cares what you say.  Thanks again!


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